Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cabbage Verbiage

"Ewww, what's that bad smell?"  My four-year old was less than pleased with the odor made the  cabbage wedges being pushed down the chute of the juicer.

Reading up on juicing cabbage shed some light on the problem of pungent juice.  One blogger recommends following cabbage and almond juice with a pure apple juice chaser.  Another juicer recommends carrots paired with cabbage, as it is a familiar flavor from most coleslaws.  I did also see the tip (in reference to a different recipe) to drinking odiferous juices out of a cup that has a lid, through a straw.

The verdict on today's juice?  I personally was not offended by the smell.  The flavor was light and fresh.

Stinky Drink:
1/3 head of cabbage
1 peeled cucumber
1 peeled grapefruit
2 apples

A side note of interest: I discovered that there is a trace of cyanide in apple seeds.  This does not affect people eating an apple who may swallow one or two accidentally.  But if the seed is masticated, (as a juicer would do) the poison would be released.  So, this small trace is reason enough for me to continue to cut the seeds out of my apples before I juice them (which is nearly daily!).

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