Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Formula

When I hop on Reboot Your Life website sometimes I find people posting questions about good recipes.  Since I make up my own recipes to suit my personal tastes I am hesitant to suggest them.  But I think a simple formula could be created for unsure juicers to follow.

A good rule of thumb for healthful juice seems to be 80/20 (ratio of veggies to fruit); that would break down to roughly 1 fruit and 4 veggies.  Although all raw veggies have unique and valuable nutrition, the "leafy green" variety are the ones we hear a lot about.  So, 2 of those veggies should be green.  And because some flavors tend to dominate, (like cabbage or radishes) it's a good idea to have just one of the super flavorful veggies, and the others should be mild, juicy fillers (like tomato, cucumber or celery).

Simply put:
1 fruit for every 4 vegetables
Of those 4 vegetables, 2 greens and 1 "dominating" flavor.

What do you think of this formula?

Try This:
3 radishes
3 c. spinach
2 tomatoes
2 apples

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