Saturday, February 4, 2012

Drinking Squash

For some reason I never considered juicing squash.  But recently someone recommended growing zucchini and summer squash this spring for my future juicing garden.  Hmmm, I thought I had better try it first to see if I really want to grow it!

I showed my husband all our new ingredients when I got home from the store, "I'm going to try juicing summer squash, isn't that weird?"  He replied, "Nothing is weird anymore."

Summer squash juice is a pretty light yellow, very juicy and works well with other fruits and vegetables because it's flavor is subtle.

Mellow Yellow:
2 carrots
1 apple
1/3 pineapple
1 summer squash
1 peeled cucumber
6 very ripe strawberries
I'm just mad about Saffron, she's just mad about me.

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