Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Re-Juicing Pulp

I watched a youtube tutorial recently demonstrating how to get more juice from your pulp.  I have seen several sources refer to re-juicing pulp, particularly if you find your pulp is wet, or even just damp.  I find that when I juice carrots or beets the pulp is dry like sawdust.  But when it comes to other veggies (like squash or cucumbers, for example) or any fruits at all, the pulp is much more wet.

Today I followed the exact method from the video, with interesting results.  After juicing the first go around, I made 20 oz of juice and there was a significant amount of pulp.

This pulp had pieces of apple and beet stem in it.
With the machine off, I packed together little balls of pulp and put them in the chute.  Covering the top of hopper with the food pusher, I turned the juicer on the lowest setting.  The juice was dark brown and only amounted to 1 oz.
I went ahead and did the same thing again with the already once re-juiced pulp and it produced one more ounce.  The pulp (after being re-juiced twice) had reduced to 1/3 of it's original amount, and was now much more dry.

All in all, I am glad that I tried this experiment, but I think my juicer is just very efficient.  The woman from the tutorial was able to extract almost 8 additional ounces from her pulp.  Since it is so much work, (and messy work, at that!) I won't be re-juicing my pulp again.

Sweet Beet Juice:
1 beet (stalk and all)
2 celery stalks
1 peeled cucumber
1 apple
2 pears


  1. When I rejuiced I only got 1/16th of the original juice with Boss juicer. If I juice a large amount I might consider rejuicing but if I'm just making juice for 1 glass then it's not worth it.

  2. I rejuiced three times today - got half an extra glass, I think it's worth rejuicing otherwise you're just throwing precious nutrients down the drain, unless you use the pulp for soup or something else!

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