Thursday, April 26, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

 Yesterday I discovered a practical use for my juicer.  This is not to say that drinking vitamin packed juices isn't beneficial, but I really view it as a nutritional supplement at this point.  So, we had friends over last night and planned on serving Margaritas.  I had purchased a bag of limes and instead of hand-squeezing them as I usually do, I peeled the limes and juiced them in my Breville.

I wanted to investigate the pulp and re-juice it if it seemed really wet.  I discovered to my delight that the citrus pulp was very dry.

Since I had the juicer out and running, I went ahead and made a delicious afternoon energy juice.  It just feels really good to drink a green juice.

Friggin' Heathy Juice:
2 c. spinach
2 c. turnip greens
1 cucumber
1 c. bok choy
3 oranges
1 apple

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