Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buckling Down

You know it's time to stop eating chocolate when your 10 year old expresses relief at having a green salad with dinner.  This is how it always goes, though.  Easter baskets (halloween bags, Christmas stockings, etc) are full of a variety of goodies, then they slowly get picked over until a week later when there are just Dots, Now and Laters and stale Peeps leftover.  This is the point when Mommy chooses to discreetly THROW IT ALL AWAY.  (good riddance!)

Sometimes we need to have a break from celebrating and return to normal, sweets-are-rare, life!

By the way, here is a link to an awesome list of tips on avoiding that nagging chocolate craving.

Back To Business:
5 branches kale
5 stalks celery
1 cucumber
2 oranges
1 apple

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