Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bulking Up Juice

Do other juicers notice that some of the greenest, and seemingly most nutritionally dense vegetables make very little juice?  I guess it makes sense.  They're just not very watery.

I find this gets in my way of trying to make a vegetable-prominent juice.  After I juice all the greens, there's not enough juice for two servings.  But I want to avoid just adding more fruit (though they do add volume to the juice), the flavor really gets tooooo sweet.

This is when my trusty cucumber and celery take center stage.  Today I juiced my planned and prepped arrangement only to find that it made just 15 oz of juice.  I peeled a giant English cucumber and it bulked up the volume by 10 more ounces.  Voila!  Now we are talking.

Now, With More Volume!
1 c. broccoli
6 branches kale
2 stalks celery
2 apples
6 strawberrries
1 english cucumber

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