Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eat More Kale

If you're active in the juicing/health food community you may have already heard about Bo Muller-Moore.  Living in Vermont, he works full-time as an independant t-shirt maker.  Ten years ago he was commissioned by a local farming couple to make a shirt saying, "Eat More Kale".

The shirt's popularity grew quickly and when he recently applied for a trademark he attracted the attention of a fast food chain with a similar slogan.
In an effort to preserve the punchiness of Chick-fil-A's intellectual property, they sent Bo Muller-Moore a cease and desist letter.  But Bo plans to neither cease nor desist and wants to represent the little guy by making a documentary exposing corporate bullying.

An interesting predicament.  On the one hand, this man is supporting his family with his business.  On the other hand, Chick-fil-A is only doing what any corporation would do if it seemed their trademark was being infringed upon.

Regardless, I will keep, drinking more kale, and probably on occasion, indulge in a chicken sandwich at the mall.

Much Ado About Kale:
2 branches kale
1/2 english cucumber
2 cups chopped salad
2 radishes
2 apples
1 mandarin orange

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